Clearwater Mountain Mining
Coiner’s White Gold claims

Placer Mine
Near Denali, Alaska

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   The following excerpt was taken from a 2005 investor proposal mine report by Stevens Exploration Management Corp.

The placer mining claims held by Clearwater Mountain Mining on White Creek, the main source of gold to the prolific Valdez Creek, contain significant amounts of placer gold. Mining on the lower end of the claims has exposed a small canyon in which there is a high grade placer deposit, similarly to, but more condensed than Channel A downstream. Drilling on the adjoining property downstream provides data regarding the potential depth and width of an adjacent pay streak that probably post-dates the auriferous gravels in the canyon.

The sampling detail is not sufficient to establish Reserves, the lowest risk category, and therefore exploration work consisting of geophysics and drilling is recommended. The gold Resource could amount to 40,000 fine ounces, however. Drilling has been done on 1200 feet of Coiner's property

Excerpt from 2005 investor proposal mine report
...There, a small canyon incised into bedrock was uncovered and mined which yielded excellent gold values. Most of the gold produced by GHMC came from this canyon which was mined for only a short distance onto Coiner’s White Gold claims. Because Gold Hill Mining Company did not pay its bills, creditors descended and all non-owned equipment and supplies were repossessed....
One positive note from this unfortunate venture was the discovery of the high grade pay in the small canyon on Coiner’s mining claims. Rich Hughes, a well known Alaskan mining engineer who was the mine manager for Cambior when it was mining Channel A, and who consulted for Gold Hill Mining Company, says that the small canyon is just like Channel A except smaller. The small canyon has acted as a natural sluice box and has thus concentrated the gold into a very rich pay streak...
Excerpt from 2005 investor proposal mine report
White Gold Claims
These claims are located upstream on White Creek adjacent to and immediately above the White Creek and Hot Air Bench claims. The White Gold claims have produced some spectacularly coarse, angular, and quartz-laden gold but has not made an attempt at any systematic, large scale operations.
The mine is located in the Valdez Creek area, about 212 miles (150 air miles) north of Anchorage. The Valdez Creek area is reached by vehicles via the 135 mile long Denali Highway which connects Paxson on the east with Cantwell on the west. At about Mile 79 (measured from Paxson) a gravel road heads north along the east bank of the Susitna River and goes to the old mining camp of Denali and the site of the Valdez Creek placer mine operated by Cambior, Ltd. The Clearwater Mountain Mining claims are a distance of about 4 miles from Denali via a two lane gravel road maintained by the local miners.

Access via light aircraft is to the Denali gravel airstrip which is about 1,800 feet in length. A shorter dirt strip is located near the confluence of White Creek and Valdez Creek, about 1 mile from the mine. The old town of Denali, is located at approximately 147° 28’ West longitude, 63° 10’40” North latitude.

Click HERE or on the image to the right to see a large version of the Mine Claim Map. Area marked "Coiner" is the mine area. The old mining town Denali is on the left center of the map. (File size 500K, may take a few minutes to load)
Claim Map
Google Location Map: Click Here
Use + and - (on map controls) to zoom in and out
Click on "Terrain" control at the upper right. Zoom out and you will see Gold Hill about 5 miles east of Denali. The mine is located just to the west of Gold Hill.


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