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“For the ministry of this service is not only fully supplying
The needs of the saints, but is also overflowing
through many thanksgivings to God”
2 Cor. 9: 12

Bibles for Others and Our Mission

Bibles for Others was established in 1980 in Northern Minnesota by veteran Alaska missionaries – Don and Gen Nelson. At Bibles for Others, our ministry mandate is to send free Bibles to third-world countries.  One Bible per request, please. To help support Bibles for Others you can Donate here. Click the Bibles for Others Button, Select Adopt A Bible/Postage, Operating Expences, or Staff Support, PAVM - Tierney, Dale and Linda.

Available Bibles

We are sending Full King James Bibles or NIV New Testament bibles.

When you email 'Bibles for Others' tell us your need and we will tell you what we are able to send to you.

Currently, we are not able to send study bibles to anyone. Thank you for understanding. May the Lord Bless you

How to Get a Free Bible

Please click on the e-mail link below to send your request.  Be sure to include a complete mailing address including province and country.

Thank you for sharing the good news!

Bibles for Others