Photo taken at the Forest History Center 2001 during DNR day by Dave Quam.



Fly by








A few years ago Minnesota (MN) purchased two used CL-215 water bombers for fire fighting in the Northern part of the state.  Around 1997  MN had a very large storm which caused heavy forest damage in the Northern forest area.  The state anticipated major forest fires due to the blow down and thus the purchase of the two used water bombers.







In 2004, due to many fires in Alaska, MN leased the two aircraft to Alaska, then when the fire season was taking hold in Northern MN, the state had to lease one CL-125 from North Carolina to cover the vacancy. 








The left photo shows the two water tanks.  That which is showing, is only a part of the entire tank, most lies below the floor. What do you do with the extra water when the tanks are full?

The curved portion on top of the tank is the over flow outlet. With out these out lets, the water pressure when scooping, would blow the aircraft apart.









The water scoop is not as big as you might think,

about 1 foot sq.


Now you know if the water bomber can really scoop up a diver. (smile)

All above Photos by David Quam

Photo taken by John McCogan, a fire behavior analyst from Alaska.  John took the photo in the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana  while on a fire. The photo was taken on Aug. 6, 2000, near the East Fork of the Bitterroot River where it crosses under U.S. Highway 93.