Old Photos From the Chippewa National Forest

 Winnie Dam Tower build by the CCC 1936

Building a terrace at the Winnie Dam Tower Site.

 The main road going in to Winnie site

Winnie Tower as seen from the top at 100 feet.

Stone steps at the Winnie Site, built by the CCC

 Installing Jessie Lake Tower - about 1936

 Pine Tree Lookout on Star Island Cass Lake - 1900 's

 Supervisor's office at Cass Lake, ..Note Fire tower on the roof.

1928 Chippewa NF Supervisor's office and Tower, Downtown Cass Lake

 Cut Foot Sioux Lookout, 85 feet. 6/28/22

 Tower at Schley Ranger Station 1912

These photo's were supplied by Keith Matson of the Deer River Ranger District, Chippewa National Forest.