A  4 foot wide by 6 foot long drawing (blue print) of an Aermotor fire tower is available on CD in “TIFF” form.  The file is 15 meg large, thus making too large for emailing.  This would mean you would have to send a blank CD-R with a return mailer with postage and address on the mailer.


A “JPG” of 12 scans, broken down in to 8X11 sections, as seen in part below, covering the 4X6 foot  document, will also be included on the CD.  If you can not find a four foot wide printer, for printing the “TIFF” file, using the JPG’s, you can print each section on your own printer and past them together.  The JPG files are too large to put up on the web server and to email them would take to long, as all 12 JPG’s files total 5 Megs.   For question, call 218 –335-2556 or email:

Updated 12-26-11

New Web Page in this site:  Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge

New winter photos on Agassiz National Wildlife Refuge web page..