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The Minnesota Association of Consulting Foresters (MACF) was organized by experienced consultants in 1981 to maintain the professional standards of private forestry work.  Membership and participation in the Association demonstrate the continuing desire for up-to-date information and techniques, promote the best interests of clients, and strengthen the professional capabilities of the member. 



Professional foresters working for YOU

Who needs a consulting forester?

  • Forest landowners: to plan the best use, protection, and management of their land resources to suit their objectives.

  • Attorneys: to provide their clients with the best available documentation of evidence about conditions on the subjectís property.

  • Bankers and accountants: to help program the income and estate tax obligations for woodland owner clients.

  • Forest products industries: to supplement their management, acquisition, research, and procurement needs.

  • Government: to supplement staff with expertise in a wide array of services.

To be a member, one must:

  • actively offer professional consulting forestry services to the public for a fee or retainer,

  • possess a four-year degree in forestry, or a closely related field, from an accredited college or university,

  • have five years of experience in the field of forest management,

  • be approved for acceptance by a simple majority of the regular membership, and

  • abide by a voluntary code of ethics.

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