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Gymnastics in Bemidji ~~ Who Are We?

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The Bemidji Gymnastics Club (BGC)

The Bemidji Gymnastics Club (BGC) is a non-profit Booster Club whose sole purpose is to promote ALL gymnastics in Bemidji including the Aerials, Rising Stars, and the Bemidji High School program.

They are able to do so through fundraising efforts and the volunteer time of many people who care greatly about the youth of our community. Click here to view the BGC By-Laws.

Click here for more detailed information about BGC membership.
The Gym Bin

The Gym Bin is a business owned and operated by Mary Allen. The Gym Bin provides gymnastics instruction to all levels from 1 year olds to Level 9 Aerials and is the home of the Bemidji High School Gymnastics Team. The Gym Bin offers classes for beginners and intermediate gymnasts as well as having both a JO competitive team and an Xcel competitive team that competes out of the Gym Bin.

Members of the Bemidji Gymnastics Club

What Gymnastics Opportunities Are Available in Bemidji?

★★★ GYM BIN run programs:


USAG Jr. Olympic Program (JO Program) - United States Of America Gymnastics (USAG) has a Jr. Olympic Program that consists of Level 1-10. Each level progresses in skills and routines (Olympians are Elite Gymnasts which is the advancement out of Level 10.). Levels 3-10 are competitive with levels 4-10 advancement only being achieved with success at meets. Levels 3-5 are compulsory levels, meaning that there is a compulsory routine that must be done by all gymnasts at those levels. Levels 6-10 are optional levels, meaning the gymnasts create their own routines. Gymnasts range from age 7-18. The JO program is an intense, demanding competitive program for those gymnasts who wish to highly excel in gymnastics. The following are a part of the USAG JO Program:

Rising Stars (levels 1-2)
Bemidji Aerials (levels 3-10)

  USAG Xcel Program - This is a competitive program that is a USAG program but is a more relaxed, less intense program. Gymnasts practice fewer hours and do optional routines (routines that are made just for them) based on certain skills for each level. This program can also be done recreationally. The Xcel program has the following different levels :


Gym Bin Classes - The Gym Bin offers an assortment of classes for boys and girls of different ages which include:

Gym Bees (boys and girls ages 3-4)
SuperBees (invitation only, ages 4-5)
Gym Boys (boys ages 6-12)
Gym Midjies - Level 1 A & B and Level 2 A & B (ages 6-12)
Recreational Xcel (ages 8-15)
Post-Season High School (high school competitors only)

★★★ Bemidji School District Programs:

Bemidji High School Gymnastics Team - The Gym Bin is the home of the BHS Varsity and Jr. Varsity Gymnastics Team

Gym Bees
Gym Bin class gymnasts ages 3-5
Gym Bin Class gymnasts who were Advanced Gym Bees ages 4-5 who have been invited to be a SuperBee enroute to either the Rising Stars or Midgies Program.
Gym Midgies (Level 1 A & B and Level 2 A & B):
Gym Bin class gymnasts ages 6 and up. Gymnasts completing all levels of Gym Midgies may be asked to join the PreTeam.
Recreational Xcel
A class for gymnasts who wish to continue gymnastics but not compete.
Rising Stars *
  Gym Bin's Jr. Olympic Pre-Competitive Program levels 1-2.
Bemidji Aerials*
  Gym Bin's Jr. Olympic Competitive Program Levels 3-10.

Gym Bin's competitive Xcel Program.

All gymnasts compete in each event: floor, vault, balance beam and uneven bars.

The USAG Program is not connected with the High School in any way. High school age gymnasts choose whether they would like to be in the USAG program or the High School program.

What is the difference between the High School program and the Bemidji Aerials program? Click here for a PDF file comparison.

The Bemidji High School Gymnastics Team (BHS)*
  Bemidji High School offers gymnastics as an extracurricular sport. While the BHS Gymnastic Team uses the facilities at the Gym Bin and receive funding from the BGC, they are a separate entity. High School gymnasts may specialize in an event rather than compete all around. 5 gymnasts from the team are allowed to compete in each event.

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