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Because the BGC is a booster club that supports all of gymnastics in the Bemidji area the BGC Newsletter is a source of information for not only BGC items but also Bemidji High School sponsored Lumberjacks and the Gym Bin sponsored Rising Stars and Aerials


During the Christmas break there will be a change in the practice schedule.  The practice times are listed below:
There will be NO Aerials practice on Dec. 23rd and Dec. 26th and regular practice will return Jan. 2nd.

3:30-5:30 Dec. 27 and 29
LEVEL 3:  3:30-6:00, Dec. 27 & 29,  12:30-3:30  Dec. 28
LEVEL 4:   3:30-6:00  Dec. 27, 28 and 29
LEVEL 5:  12:30-3:30 Dec. 27,  9-12  Dec. 28,  12-3  Dec. 29
ALL XCEL:  3:30-5:30  Dec. 28,  6:00-8:30   Dec. 29
OPTIONALS:  12:30-3:30 Dec 27,  9-12 Dec. 28,  12-3 Dec. 29,  9-12  Dec. 30
HIGH SCHOOL:  9-12 Dec. 26; 9-12 Dec. 27; 9-12 Dec. 28; 12-3 Dec. 29; 9-12 Dec. 30; 8-11 Dec. 31; 9-12 Jan. 2


The second home meet for the Aerials is coming in early January.  The Snowflake Flip will be held at the Gym Bin on Saturday, January 7th with the first of four sessions beginning at 8:00 in the morning.  Silver Xcel will be competing in this first session.  Bronze Xcel will be in the second session beginning at 11:00, Gold Xcel and Level 3 will be in the third session beginning at 1:00 and Level 4  and 5 will be in the final session beginning at 4:30.  We will be having teams from Superior, Virginia, Detroit Lakes, Fergus Fall and Grand Rapids along with our home team.

As usual with home meets we will need help setting up, running and tearing down the meet.  There will be a sign up sheet on the board this week so please check it out and sign up to help.  Please plan to help clean up after the meet.  There is equipment to move before and after the meet and that takes strength and numbers so please plan to help out.

Our Bemidji Aerials competed in the Minnesota State compulsory gymnastics meet this past week-end.  We had a Level 5 competing, Aubrey DeWitt, and she scored  32.025 all around.  6 Level 4’s competed.  Addie Lundberg,30.475; Adrianna Underwood,33.35; Aurora Frank, 30.775; Emma Mutnansky 33.457; Regan McCarthy, 30.975; Samara Osborn, 30.70.   Our Level 3’s had 6 gymnasts competing as well.  Kennedy Olson, 32.825;  Isabella Reierson, 30.925; Cameron Roff, 32.45;  Sadie Sperle, 33.275; Kacey Stenseth, 31.975; Kaitlyn Workman, 31.85.
Congratulations to all these gymnasts

The Bemidji High School Lumberjacks gymnastics team began their competitive season with an invitational meet at Perham on Saturday, Dec. 2nd.  They competed again  Dec. 9  against Park Rapids and won that meet.  They will compete against Brainerd on Dec. 13th.   There first home meet will be on January 20th against Fargo South.  They have home meets on Mon. Jan. 30,  and Tues. Feb. 7th  too so please plan to come watch and support the team.

The section meet for the Lumberjacks gymnastics team is being held at the Bemidji high school gym on Saturday, February 18th.  There is lots of work to do in preparation and we need to begin some of that.  Many high school parents signed up for some committees and we would like to have a few of them meet this week.  We would like the three committees listed below to meet on Thursday, Dec. 15th at 6:00 at the Gym Bin.  Please try to be at the meeting if your name is listed.

T-SHIRT COMMITTEE - Steph Corradi, Susan Tesch, Alyson Berg, Theresa Lucas
SIGNAGE AND DECORATING - Solo's, Jen Workman, April Osborn, Stephanie Hanks
COACH/JUDGES ROOM COMMITTEE - Jodi Lundquist, Deborah Stanoch, Angela Schmidt, Theresa Lucas


  • Perkins pies will again be sold for Christmas.  Sheets should be in your mail folders now.  We sold about 300 for Thanksgiving. Let’s see if we can match that.  Order forms are due Dec. 19th.

  • April 23rd is the tentative date set for the Aerials awards banquet. Please put it on your calendar.

  • If you still have candy bar sales money out please get it in right away.  Selling awards will be made next month.

  • Start thinking—we will be having a Showcase brainstorming session  January 16th at 6:00 to talk themes and new ideas.

A bit of information from the Gym Bin:   If you need to call the Gym Bin on Fridays to cancel your van ride or to add the van ride for the day please do so before 2:00 and leave a message on the machine.  If you need anything else on Friday call Mary on her cell at 766-3546 because no one will be at the Gym Bin until 3:30.


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