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BGC Board Meeting Minutes


November 14 , 2016

ATENDEES:  Sandy Allen, Brenda Mayer, Jenny Workman, Theresa Lucas, Stephanie Hanks, April Osborn, Sarah Brown, Heidi DeWitt, Staci Lundberg, and Mikayla Simon and Mary Allen from the Gym Bin.


The October Board minutes were reviewed and a motion was made by Brenda to approve those minutes, second by Theresa; all in favor.

: The Treasurer’s Report for the month of October was reviewed.  A motion was made by Heidi to approve the report, second by Staci; all in favor.


Sponsorship’s:  Brenda reported to Jenny that she has received the following checks: Bemidji Dental Clinic $100, North Country Business Products $120, McDonalds $100, First City Express $500, Northern Amusement $100, Best of Bemidji $100.  Jenny will get in contact with those who had talked with those businesses and make sure we have everything they need and receipts will be in their mail folders.

  • The board also discussed our Paul Bunyan Communications Sponsorship.  Jenny will be in contact with them to see that we just use the same ad as last year for Showcase and will also find out how much money we spent on last years showcase ad’s.

Candy Bar Sales: There are only four boxes left in the office.  Brenda still has money coming in at this time.  We need to be done with Candy Bar Sales by the end of December and it was decided that we will not order anymore boxes this year.

Gym Bin Olympics: Mikayla reported that it went well.  The fun meet was very busy as well as the preschool session, however the fitness portion was very quiet.  There was no concessions as there was not much for volunteers but it was spaced out well enough for people to run and grab a bite to eat if needed.

Professional Photos: They will be on Thursday November 17th.  The volunteer sign-up sheet is posted and still has many spots to be filled.  There some board members who will be here with their girls for practice and are willing to jump in and help if needed.

Perkin’s Pie Fundraiser: This is due on Friday.  Heidi has already been getting in the specialty orders and passing them along to Perkin’s.

Herberger’s Coupon Books: There are believed to still be some books that have not been turned in.  Otherwise it seemed to run smoothly.  We are still waiting to hear how well we did.

High School Sections Meet:  Meet date is Feb. 18th.  Mary passed around a sign-up sheet during the high school meeting last week. 

  • They are still needing a program committee that would include team pictures, score chart, possibly some advertising but not connected with the sponsorship advertising.  The program should be made a little more heavy duty than our other event programs so the cover should be made with card stock.
  • We would like the Star Spangled Banner to be sang in a more professional way.  Mary will contact Annalies Aakhus to see if she would be willing to do so.
  • The mat’s have been shipped but still not delivered.  Mikayla is keeping an eye on this.
  • Jenny has still been working on trying to get some form of T-shirt press options.  We have ruled out purchasing a press ourselves after doing some research as it just isn’t going to be worth it in the long run.  Jenny has talked with Cool Threads to see if this is something they would come set up and do but has not heard back from them.  It was decided to contact Brandon Bjerkness to see if she would be able to come set up at the high school for the section meet.  We would like to have some pre-ordered shirts for gymnasts but also have Brandon there with the ability to print more if needed.  We would like to have more options at the high school besides t-shirts.

Gym Bin News and Bills:  Mikayla presented Brenda with some bills for meet fee’s, coaches fee’s and hotel fee’s.
Snowflake Flip: April and Stephanie are working on some gift idea’s.  Mikayla noted that we have F.Falls bringing all XCEL. Virginia will be coming along with Twin Ports and Grand Rapids.  We do not have any kind of final numbers yet as the registration date is not until December.

Holiday Gifts for Coaches: There are 7 coaches working with JO and XCEL, the board is looking into Christmas gift idea’s.

Holiday Clinics: There are no clinic’s planned over break, but there will be practice.

Showcase Dates: Sandy will talk with the high school to reserve the gym for the weekend of May 19, 2017.


  • Sandy noted that there are 4 home meets for the High School this year.  It would be nice to have someone sing the National Anthem rather than the recording.  She will be in touch with some of the gymnasts who have done this in the past to see if they would like to do it again.
  • XCEL Gold is still in need of their team bags.
  • Mikayla asked if a board member would be able to go the the bowling alley to pick up the Bingo Tent check from Twila.  Theresa volunteered to do so.
  • It was noted that we need to get  a note out to our Leo and Candy Bar rep’s that it is important that they cash any checks as soon as possible.  There have been some issues with uncashed checks over a long period of time.

Sandy Will be out of town for our December meeting and it was asked if we could change this date to December 8th and 6:00.  All board members agreed. Next Meeting: Thursday December 8th, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Meeting Adjourned: Brenda made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:04, second by Theresa; all in favor.

Click here to view the BGC By-Laws.

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