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Who Is a Member of The BGC?

All members of the community who are interested in promoting gymnastics in the Bemidji Area may be members of the BGC. All families with a Rising Stars, Aerial or High School gymnast are expected to become members of the Bemidji Gymnastcs Club.

Bemidji Gymnastics Club members

What is the BGC?

The Bemidji Gymnastics Club (BGC) is a non profit Booster Club whose sole purpose is to promote ALL gymnastics in Bemidji including the Bemidji High School program, Rising Stars, and Aerials. We are able to do so through fundraising efforts and the volunteer time of many people who care greatly about the youth of our community.

Are the Gym Bin and the BGC the same?

No. The BGC is a nonprofit Booster Club (organization). The Gym Bin is a business owned and operated by Mary Allen. The Gym Bin provides gymnastics instruction to all levels from 3 year olds to Level 9 Aerials and is the Home of the Bemidji High School Gymnastics Team. The Gym Bin owns the building, employs and supervises coaches, pays for insurance, etc. The BGC helps gymnasts by contributing toward some items to lower the cost in which the Gym Bin needs to charge so that it will be more affordable for kids to participate in the sport as well as contributing to the Bemidji High School Gymnastics Program.

BARS! Working it on the BARS!

Want more detailed information about the Bemidji Gymnastics Club?

BGC membership information is available here. The information is downloadable as a PDF document; you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view it.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you may download it for FREE, here.

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