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Where does the BGC Get It's Funds?  Volunteer Opportunities


The BGC candy bar sales continues. Please see Mary for additional boxes of candy bars. Feel free to contact Brenda Mayer if you have any questions.  

The BGC cookbooks are available. The cost of the cookbooks is $10.00.  We are asking that each family sell at least 3 cookbooks. They make GREAT gifts! Please see Mary if you wish to pick up some cookbooks to sell.

LEOTARD SALES are Mondays and Thursdays and can start on or about 5:00 p.m. and can end around 6:45 p.m.  We understand that you may not be able to make it to the gym at 5:00; however, arriving shortly after 5:00 would be fine also.  If you cannot sell them on the assigned date, please find a substitute person who can fill in for you. Please ask Mary or Mikayla for the key to the leo closet and you will find the leo sales 3-ring binder in Mary’s office closet. Directions for leo sales are inside the 3-ring binder.


We are still in need of a Music Librarian.  This person would be in charge of the floor music used by both the Optional and High School gymnasts.  The duties would include organizing and cataloguing our current musical selections and maintaining records of music that is selected by the gymnasts.  You would also communicate with the coaches if musical selections need to be ordered and then take in the money from the gymnasts for the BGC’s rental fees for use of the music.

Some of the work can be done at home; however, some will need to be completed at the gym such as coordinating with the gymnasts to supply them with the music.  (One of our board members has offered to assist in purchasing supplies to get this project underway.)

The High School gymnasts usually select their floor music in the fall and the Optional gymnasts in the summer months so those will most likely be the times where the Music Librarian would be dealing directly with the gymnasts.

If you are in need of volunteer hours and are interested in this volunteer position, please email Pam Gregg or let Mary Allen know that you are interested.

Wondering about other Volunteer Opportunities? By reading newsletters, emails, checking the volunteer board, and talking to Mary, you will be made aware of volunteer needs. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Leotard Sales - September through May
    The club gets leotards on consignment and sells them twice weekly. You may sign up at the Gym Bin on the volunteer board, or you may email Twyla Wittwer to volunteer for the available slot of your choice. Volunteer hours are also put in ordering, pricing, returning Leos, paying bills, printing and sending our postcards, etc.
    ***This has earned up to $1500 for the club.

  2. Candy Bar Sales - September through September
    This was a new fundraiser for the BGC in 2008. If you have any questions, please email Brenda Mayer, the Candy Bar Sales chairperson.

  3. Gymnastics Circus - May 18-20, 2012
    Our biggest fundraiser (and the most work!) the circus serves as a fun activity for the both performers and those who watch. It is a great opportunity to show the community our gymnasts talent. Volunteer hours are spent in publicity, contacting advertisers/ sponsors, admissions, pictures, programs, script writing, music, announcing, concessions, decorating, set up, take down, roustabouts, costuming, & more!!
    ***This has earned up to $9600 for the club.

  4. Recipe Book Sales - Fall
    New fundraiser in Fall 2010. A collection of our member's favorite family recipes in one great book! Recipe books make perfect gifts for that hard-to-buy-for person!

  5. High School Gymnastics Meets
    During each home gymnastics meet the BGC provides concessions. There are about 4 home meets each year. Help is needed to organize, run the stand, and provide items to sell. Homemade bars are our hottest item!
    ***This has earned up to $1150 for the club.

  6. Home USAG Gymnastics Meets - October - February
    The Snowflake Flip is an Invitational Gymnastic Meet. It is non sanctioned for Level 4 and sanctioned for level 5 and 6 Gymnasts. We hope to expand that to be a sanctioned meet for levels 7 & 8 as well. In attempt to run a great meet at minimal cost to the participants, this is not considered a fundraiser but it is intended to generate enough funds to pay for itself. Workers are needed for such things as decorating, publicity, admissions, concessions, timing, running, announcing, creating march-in signs, making numbers, creating programs and more. Come help and see our girls compete!
    ***This has earned up to $2300 for the club.


    The BGC is going to be selling Perkins pies to our family and friends during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  It is a low-maintenance fundraiser in that you will only be taking orders from folks as they will be picking up their pies at Perkins and paying for them at Perkins when they are picked up.  The BGC will be receiving $2 for every pie we sell and we would receive $3 for each pie sold over 100 pies.

    When getting the pie orders, make sure the order form is filled in with the date and time they would like to pick up their pies. It is also important to include a phone number as someone from Perkins Restaurant will be calling to remind everyone to pick up their pies.  There will be an additional pie that is not on the order form that we can also sell.  That pie is a Butterfinger pie, which is called a “Dream Pie”, and that will sell for $13.99.  You can cross out any other pie and write “Dream Pie” on the order form if that is the pie the customer wishes to purchase.

    We will be handing out the order forms and mini-catalog showing the pies Thursday, October 27th after 5:00 p.m. at the gym. You will note from looking at the catalog, that in addition to pies, there are also mini baskets that have a mixture of muffins, cookies and brownies and a mini cookie tin as well as a mini muffin tin.

    We would ask that you turn in your order forms on Monday, November 14th, with the absolute deadline of Thursday, November 17th (which is also the day Enstrom’s Studio will be at the gym taking gymnast’s pictures).  Pies can be picked up at Perkin’s Restaurant any time after November 19th through Thanksgiving Day, November 24th, 2011.  Perkins is open Thanksgiving Day all day.

    Each person who sells pies to at least 8 different customers will receive a pie of their choice from Perkins. Anyone who sells 40 pies will receive a $25 Perkins gift card. 

    We will not be penalized for pies that are not picked up but we are also not given credit for having sold those pies either.  This is an EASY fundraiser in which the BGC can make a profit with very little work; therefore, we would appreciate 100% participation whether you sell 1 pie or 100 pies.  If you have any questions, please contact Pam Gregg at or Sandy Allen at

Other Volunteer Opportunities :

While fundraising is vital to the club, there are many other jobs that need to be done for us to 1) function as a club and 2) provide great opportunities for our gymnasts. Please consider how you could help in some of the following areas:

  1. Misc. Office Work and Other - September - September
    Photocopying, preparing for meets -- Always an option for those that need hours. Just ask Mary @ the Gym Bin what you can do!

  2. Work Day - April
    This is a day that BGC members take care of miscellaneous tasks that need attention at the Gym Bin. Details are usually sent out by email and are posted on the bulletin board at the Gym Bin.

  3. Carpet Cleaning - August
    The BGC owns over $50,000 worth of equipment and in order to make it last, we need to take care of it. Once a year we have the carpet cleaned. We need volunteers to roll the carpet back, vacuum underneath it, adjust floor as needed, reposition and vacuum carpet. This must be done before the cleaners come. The more vacuums and people we have the quicker it goes!

  4. Board of Directors - September - September
    The Board of Directors have a 2 hour meeting once a month. Officers have additional responsibilities. Of course, board members volunteer in each of the areas you have seen listed here -- those hours however, are listed under the appropriate headings. While being on the board is a lot of work, it is also a fun group to work with, and it is very rewarding to see the benefits that our gymnasts receive from the club! If you would consider being a board member in the future please let someone know!

  5. 4th of July Float
    Join the excitement of planning and decorating a float and participating in Bemidji's 4th of July parade each year.

  6. Sponsorship Incentive
    We are offering a Sponsorship Incentive which can reduce the volunteer hours for your family while still maintaining active membership status. However, because we truly do need volunteers and we feel that working together is important, we would like families to commit to working a minimum of 4 hours per year even if they take advantage of this incentive. Our Sponsorship Incentive Program is as follows:

    If you recruit a business/sponsor (that is not currently supporting the BGC) as a year round sponsor, we will give you volunteer hour credit as follows:

    Copper Sponsor: 1 hour credit
    Bronze Sponsor: 3 hours credit
    Silver Sponsor: 4 hours credit
    Gold Sponsor: 7 hours credit
    Platinum Sponsor: 14 hours credit
    Diamond Sponsor: 20 hours credit

    Credit will not be given until payment has been received for the sponsorship. You must sign up for the business that you will be contacting to eliminate duplication. After December 1, letters will be sent out to businesses not contacted and incentive will no longer be honored. Please ask for as many sponsor recruiting letters as you would like.

    To download a printable PDF copy of the Sponsorship Incentive, click here.

  7. Is that all? Total volunteer hours:?
    NO! We have tried to give you an estimate of the hours required of volunteers each year, but by no means could we possibly cover everything. So, you see how important it is for each family to contribute what you can. We hope that you understand the importance of the BGC in your daughters life, and feel compelled to help us continue our mission of promoting gymnastics in Bemidji!

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