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What are Member Expectations?

Anyone who is interested in promoting gymnastics in the Bemidji Area is encouraged to become a member. You may become a member by filling out a membership form and paying a $5 membership fee. All Aerials and Rising Star families are required to become members of the BGC. Active members receive further benefits and discounts.
Fundraisers are the source of our funding. Not only can they not happen without MANY VOLUNTEERS but the other benefits to our gymnasts, and the simple maintenance of our club cannot happen without many volunteers! To maintain our program, our members volunteer more than 1900 hours. This is what we expect:
Some of the BGC members - just hang'n out
  • Keep up with the BGC news by checking the TEAM bulletin board, reading the BGC Newsletter, which is sent by email where possible and through regular mail where necessary, and reading all notes sent home with gymnasts.

  • Join the BGC and pay $5 annual dues each year.

Each Rising Stars , Aerial, and High School family is expected to work in the leotard stand 1-3 times per year. You may sign up at the Gym Bin or you may email Twla Wittwer to be added to a date slot that is open. Parents are responsible for trading with someone if you are not going to be available on the date that you signed up for.

For more detailed information about BGC membership, click here

  • We expect all families to volunteer in some way with our biggest fundraiser, the Circus.

  • We expect all families to volunteer above and beyond the leotard sales and the Circus.

  • We expect 66% of the total volunteer hours to come from the Aerials, who receive the most benefits. This year that comes to: 38 volunteer hours/year (3-1/4 hrs per month) per family per Aerial gymnast.

  • We expect that 12% of the total volunteer hours will come from the Rising Stars families with the other 22% coming from Bemidji High School Families. This year that comes to: 10 volunteer hours/year (just under 1 hour per month) per family per Rising Star and 25 volunteer hours/year (approx. 2-1/2 hours per month) for each H.S. team gymnast.

  • Keep checking for volunteers opportunities through the "Volunteer board" at the Gym, through Emails or on this Web Site and sign up to help!

  • Read the BGC Board Minutes posted on the Team Bulletin board and stay informed about board decisions.

Too often a few families are burdened with the brunt of the work while many families reap the benefits. This is both unfair and causes burn out of those who are so willing to say yes. Many hands make light work and this is our goal. Watch for volunteer requests in newsletters and on the team board, sign up to do your part, and have fun supporting gymnastics in Bemidji! Thank You!

What is an Active Member?
An active member has completed a membership form, paid the $5 dues and has volunteered to help us out! In order for the BGC to support gymnastics at the level that we do, we use over 2000 hours of volunteer labor each year. If 1/4 of that comes from the High School Team families, 1/4 from Rising Star families, and 1/2 comes from Aerial families, we will meet our needs. To be considered an active member, we require that you donate your time helping the BGC -- 25 hours annually per High Schooler, 10 hours per year for Rising Star gymnast and 38 hours annually per Aerials gymnast.

There are many opportunities to help. Watch your e-mails, newsletters and the volunteer board at the gym. Active/inactive status is based on your volunteer
hours the previous year. A new Rising Star will be considered active their first year upon paying their BGC membership dues.

(For those moving up to the Rising Stars or Aerials in January, volunteer hours will be prorated. For those moving up to Rising Stars after May, volunteer expectation will begin with the new calendar year which runs from September to September. Those moving up to the Aerials after May will be expected to fulfill their previously stated Rising Star volunteer hours with the expectation that Aerials hours will begin with the new calendar year which runs from September to September.)

What additional Benefits do ACTIVE members receive?
An active member could receive several additional benefits varying on the level of participation in meets, clinics, camps, etc. Some of those
additional discounts are as follows:

★For each USAG meet, a $25 meet fee to help pay for coaching expenses and team fees will be waived for active members. This alone
could amount to up to $250.

★ Active members will receive discounts on all camps, developmental clinics, and home meets. There are more clinics offered for Rising Stars than Aerials so even without meets this could save each Rising Star up to $100 per year. Aerials and BHS gymnasts could also save up to $100 per year.

★ USAG active members will be offered financing of meets through the BGC. Without this service, non-active members would have to pay for all meets at one time in the fall when many other gymnastics bills are due (i.e. insurance, USAG numbers, your monthly bill, etc.). That lump sum for those attending all meets could amount to $450 for lower levels ad up to $810 for upper levels. With the financing available for active members, the BGC pays your bill in full and then your payments to the BGC to cover these expenses are spread out throughout the season.

★ Active USAG members who have a Level 5 gymnast on the Aerials team will be provided with a gym bag to use free of charge once they have achieved the standards to compete.

★It is YOUR responsibility to report your volunteer hours by signing in on the volunteer record sheets kept in Mary's Office.
★A monthly report will be printed and placed in the volunteer folder so that you may verify your volunteer hours status.
★Please stay informed by reading newsletters, emails, and watching the Team and Volunteer bulletin boards.
★If you need hours to maintain an active membership status please ask Mary or a board member what you can do!
★We are all in this together, lets make light work for all and continue to advance our mission of supporting gymnastics in Bemidji!

What is an Inactive Member?
A member will be moved to inactive status if they have not paid their dues or if they have not fulfilled their volunteer hour requirements from the previous year.

Help out the BGC as we try to help you!

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