Old Photos & History

The Andrusia Lodge 1924

The lodge had a larger door on the back side then shown here, in 1945 the door was four feet wide. Many dances and weddings took place in the Lodge, making it a fun place for all the neighbors. The lot where the lodge once sat stands empty today. The lot is on a hill south and next to Chernugal's home.

The building burned down around 1954 and was replaced with an in the ground lodge.


Photo from the Minnesota Historical Society file.

Left to right: Bessie Loesch, Sonya Cornwall (daughter) and George Cornwell owners of the Andrusia Lodge. Photo around 1950.

The south end of the resort showing cabin 1, the house, and cabins 2 and 3. The homes of Dick and Pam Nelson and Gary & Deb Olen are now located here.

An in the ground/above ground lodge was built to replace the log building that burned down.

Motor House: The original minnow tank from the 1920's was in this newer shed. The tank is now a flower planter in Chernugal's yard.

The old in ground lodge was left to die in the 1980 by the new owner. 

Cabin 7 is now the site of Richard and Mary Chernugal's home.

Cabin 9 was intended to be kept by the Chernugal's for their guest cottage. However, Richard had burned debris and thought the fire was out. He left and the fire somehow got into the old septic system and ended up catching the cabin on fire and destroying it.

Cabins 4 & 5 were on the hill between where Gary & Debbie Olen and Chernugal's homes are now.

Staffs cabin. 1993 photo. Bob and Patti Singleton and family had remodeled this cabin and stayed in it for several summers before they purchased Wagon Wheel Resort on Stocking Lake.